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General FAQ

Not everyone is a developer, Some interesting Frequently Asked Questions.

Congratulations on the new domain name! There may be additional steps required to configure your new domain name. If you ordered your domain name along with your hosting package, it should already be configured for your hosting package and you will just need to wait for DNS propagation.
If you purchased your domain separately, it may or may not have been automatically been associated with the correct hosting package. You can check by performing a WHOIS lookup to query your domain name's settings. The WHOIS results will contain the currently configured name servers.
Customers will be required to confirm the validity of the email address of the owner's contact information if purchasing a new domain governed by ICAAN. Speednames will send out an email to complete the verification process. You will For security reasons, no password will be asked of you in the verification e-mail sent.
All new registration orders for domains governed by ICAAN must have a verified email address -
Com, net and all new gTLDs.
This does not apply to country code domains like .in, co.uk, .se, .dk.
ICAAN requires us to restrict usage of the domain until you verify your email address, therefore you cannot setup your email or web hosting on a domain name which has an unverified email address.

Here is a step by step guide of what happens:
Your domain order is completed and your domain name is registered for you
A verification email will be sent out
Click on the verification link contained within the email
Once you have verified the email address your domain will become active
within one hour and you will be able to control your domain
Please write us at support@crazymamba.com or abuse@crazymamba.com to escalate a complaint.